GPS Tracking

Locate any vehicle, anytime, anywhere - 24/7

Can being able to accurately locate a vehicle really provide a benefit to my business? Absolutely.

Networkfleet™ merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage. The result is easily accessible information on a vehicle's location, stops, idling and mileage that can be quickly analyzed to yield benefits in efficiency and cost reductions. The operations side of your business can make your fleet run more smoothly by accessing GPS location information.

Many terms are used in the industry today to describe sophisticated vehicle tracking technologies such as telematics, automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems, and global positioning systems (GPS). These technologies now enable fleet managers to have convenient point-and-click access to an entire fleet and a window into the activities of each fleet vehicle.

Features of Networkfleet's GPS Tracking System

  • Get 2-minute update rates of current location
  • View the historical track of a particular vehicle or fleet
  • Get driving directions
  • Find the closest vehicle to an address or landmark
  • Detailed reporting - See Reporting Section
  • Nationwide Coverage

Terrestrial Coverage

Networkfleet's data is transmitted over the Velocita Mobitex network which enables Networkfleet to deliver a truly nationwide service. Mobitex covers over 93% of the U.S. business population and operates in virtually every major metropolitan area. Because Mobitex is a data-only network, it does not compete with voice traffic. The Mobitex network allows our customers to access Networkfleet services whenever and wherever they need them.

Store and Forward Technology

Wireless coverage is excellent in most areas of the continental United States. However, in areas where there may be limited coverage, Networkfleet's "store and forward" feature limits impacts from coverage gaps. If a Networkcar-equipped vehicle enters an area of unreliable (or no) coverage, any unsent data is stored. All pending data is then uploaded to Networkfleet's website as soon as the vehicle travels back into the coverage footprint. Store and forward capability guarantees the accuracy of your tracking data even if contact is lost for brief periods.

Satellite Coverage

For fleets that have vehicles that normally operate in rural areas outside of current terrestrial network coverage, Networkcar offers a satellite coverage option. By equipping your remotely-located vehicles with Networkfleet's satellite unit, you can manage the location and performance of your entire fleet using a single vehicle management system - Networkfleet.

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