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Count on Motorola's comprehensive enterprise Wireless
LAN line for all your mobility needs.

Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected with Motorola's family of award-winning Wireless LAN products.

As few as ten years ago, IT managers relegated their network uptime concerns to the wired network. Wireless LANs were viewed largely as ancillary luxuries, and if the wireless network went awry, well, so be it. With employee productivity tightly tied to employee mobility, most companies rely on their wireless networks for core business operations. Today's network users consider them less a luxury and more a necessity.

It should be noted that in a wireless world, network downtime affects not only the office, but also all the mobile devices connected to the network – from the wireless scanners on the manufacturing floor to the networked infusion pumps in a hospital's emergency room to that dual-mode smartphone that is becoming key to user productivity.

In the nascent days of Wi-Fi, a corporate wireless LAN comprised a series of autonomous access points, scattered throughout the office and even branch offices around the globe. Garnering an effective radio signal was a matter of trial and error, and because there was no central management, the administrator wouldn't know there was a problem until someone inevitably complained. Today's Wi-Fi networks, managed from a central switch, can be even more reliable than a wired Ethernet network – but only if IT directors take the necessary steps to ensure reliability and promise superior quality of service in every aspect of the network.

Ensuring reliability means planning for expected challenges

It should go without saying that a reliable wireless LAN depends on smart planning and preemptive troubleshooting on the part of the IT manager – i.e. designing the network based on the specific needs of the company. Implementing a WLAN without conducting a thorough site survey, only to find that it does not reliably serve your employees, makes about as much sense as purchasing a Volkswagen Bug on a whim, only to find that it does not reliably transport a family of eight. Such an approach creates coverage, bandwidth and other reliability issues.

Investing in a Motorola wireless LAN means ensuring reliability

Fortunately, Motorola offers the tools necessary for a multi-faceted approach to deliver a network that dependably provides optimal network service and superior quality of experience.

This is wireless LAN reliability.

Compared with other leading wireless network equipment providers, Motorola has the most resilient, reliable portfolio on the market - from conception to future-proofing, and every step in between.

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